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Celebrating with you

Seow Khim Polythelene Co Pte Ltd. (SKP) was founded on January 1979 and incorporated during the year 1994. Since then, it has grown to be a company that has revolutionized the plastics disposable packaging industry, and greatly impacted the food and beverage industry in Singapore. SKP is the largest supplier of disposable plastic packaging in the local market, commanding 70% of the market share.

In today’s fast-paced environment, our products help create needed convenience for consumers. Our customers include popular and established restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, supermarkets, coffee-clubs, and food courts around the island. SKP has 46 Branches island-wide in Singapore to date.


To achieve global leader status in packaging, partyware products with outlets in all key countries

To accomplish this by

- Growing, optimizing and developing an innovative, distinctive and conveniently located network

  of stores that meets the constantly evolving lifestyle needs of the modern consumer (Store Concepts)

- Recruiting & developing exceptional service staff (People Matters)

- Brand building (Branding)

- Using the Franchising Model to grow (Growth Model)

· To make shopping easy, convenient and a positive experience for our customers

Our Success

SKP’s success lies in our strive for continual commitment in establishing partnerships with customers and suppliers. Through a concerted focus on service excellence, quality products and value added solutions, SKP continuously seek to maintain our reputation for reliability and credibility in all aspects.

Reputation and Culture

Every member of the senior management takes a personal interest in quality control and product development. As a result, SKP has established a notable reputation for quality and thus enjoys strong brand-loyalty from customers.

SKP also possess a well established and wide business network overseas that spans across 4 continents. The markets include USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Europe, Brunei, Middle East and Korea, etc.

Our Products

SKP produces microwave safe containers which enable users to store, heat and consume directly from the same product. We ensure that our containers meet or exceed recommended safety guidelines while maintaining our reputation for product quality.

Technology and Investments

SKP is fully computerised in all its administrative and inventory control functions. The company spent more than S$1 million on its computer system. The customized network system is linked to all departments for better integration, command and control. This investment has resulted in greater efficiency in the workforce.

The huge investments in technology were made with the consumers' needs foremost in mind. While SKP increased their competiveness in the market with speed and quantity, the company also meticulously paid attention to detail.

Sales Team

SKP Branches

Head Office

The Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Our Valuable Assets

Led by the Chairman Mr Lim Seow Khim and his 4 brothers, the senior management are keen observers of market trends.

These are some of the "firsts" in the plastic industry that SKP has achieved:

- The introduction of thin walled plastic disposable containers

- Investment in multi-million dollar technology, including the most advanced double-sided moulds

- The best machines and the engagement of skilled technicians

- Introduction of full colour print on plastic cups (the only company in Singapore with the technology and resources to produce this)

- Introduction of thermoforming production which manufactures plastic containers that is flexible and durable, thus overcoming the shortcomings of rigidity and brittleness of moulded containers.


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About Us



28 Loyang Drive

SKP Industrial Building I (HQ)

8 Loyang Way 1

SKP Industrial Building II

8  Loyang Way 1

SKP Industrial Building III

We have 240,000 sq ft of facilities

The Management



 Incorporated  in 4 May 1991

 Service Excellence

· In What We Do

· How We Serve

 Kindred Spirit

· Cherish & Care For Staff

· Develop & Deploy Talents


· Work with Integrity & Good Attitude

· Positive & Professional In Our Work


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